Momina Mustehsan and Shireen Mazari Twitter Feud


Ko Ko Korina coke studio version is still making headlines, Before, public and celebrities expressed their opinions on the latest rendition of Ko Ko Korina by Momina Mustehsan and Ahad Raza Mir.
Momina Mustehsan and Shireen Mazari Twitter fight

The latest comments came out was by our Human Rights Minister, Shireen Mazari.But things didn’t go well and Momina Mustehsan and Shireen Mazari feud started on twitter.

Shireen Mazari was disappointed with the remake and called the attempt a massacre of the original classic.This is what she tweeted.
Momina Mustehsan and Shireen Mazari Twitter
Momina Mustehsan did not like the criticism and replied back to Shireen Mazari.
Momina Mustehsan reply to shireen mazari
Shireen Mazari was not okay with Momina dragging her ministry into this.
Shireen Mazari treply to momina
Indirectly Momina Mustehsan also tried to label Shireen Mazari opinion as Cyber-bullying and Hate Speech.
momina cyber-bullying shireen mazari
Shireen Mazari ended the conversion by these tweets.
Shireen Mazari twittier fight
Shireen Mazari

Who was wrong ? what do you think ? tell us in comments below.Don’t worry we will not fight, We will respect your opinion 😉 .


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