How to Become an Actor or Actress in Pakistan


Being Owner of this website the most asked question to us by viewers is How to Become an Actor or actress ?.

We always try to guide as many people as we can, but still we can’t guide every single person separatly so we have created this post to guide those who want get in Pakistani Drama Industry or Film Industry as Actor or Actress.

How to Become an Actor or Actress

Acting Skills

This is the most important thing if you want to become an actor or actress.Many people have this thing in their mind that if you are not good looking you can not become an actor or actress.

Actually the more important thing is acting if you got the good acting skills, you can become actor/actress by little bit grooming your self.

If just being good looking was requirement of becoming actor/actress In Pakistan.There are many good looking boys and girls in Pakistan why they didn’t join showbiz industry ?

Because either they don’t want to become an actor/actress or they don’t have acting skills.

To Improve your acting skills watch best tv shows,dramas and movies as much as you can because you learn what you see!.Select few scenes from whatever you watch, memorize those scenes and enact those scenes in a separate room.

Record it on camera or your mobile phone and then show it to your friends/family to have viewer feedback, do this several times everytime choose different role different character so you can see yourself which role you can play best.

After doing it several time alone now do it infront of your family or friends this will make you more confident infront of people, because actor/actress are not alone on the set of drama or movie there are many people around them.

Groom Yourself

When you are done improving your acting skills, begin grooming yourself, by grooming yourself doesn’t mean you start going parlour and getting facial done everyday or start putting whitening creams on your face.

Grooming means clean and neat! for example care what you wear,what you eat,how you style your hear/beard etc.

Groom Yourself

After you have done Grooming yourself and improving Acting Skills it’s time to try your luck at auditions.Before you go for any audition try having a portfolio it helps getting you selected for an audition easily.To create a portfolio just go to citrus talent hunt agency they will create a good portfolio for you in few thousand rupees.

Audition to Become Actor or Actress

Follow These Media Houses and Talent Hunt Agencies when they are open for audition they will tell on their social media account then you can Contact or send your portfolio to get a call for audition.

We will update this page with more Talent hunt Agencies and Auditions address etc.Come Back soon.



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